Injury Diagnostics

Christchurch Injury Diagnostics uses the Full Movement Method

The FMM process employs an accurate, specific and reliable assessment and diagnostic model based upon tried and proven methods. These are straightforward, logical principles, such as are used by car mechanics, electricians and other professional manual craftspeople.

The methods employed are INHERENTLY successful if for no other reason than the average manual worker who is required to make regular diagnoses simply HAS TO FIND the answer - his livelihood depends upon this being the case . In our work we see that so many patients do not exercise the same logical expectation as they would if taking their car to a garage. We have tested this thesis many times. Our expectation is that you the patient have a reasonable right to expect that we will do just what the garage mechanic would do if presented with your ailing vehicle!! We expect to search for an explanation, consider the options for action, advise you of the likely cost and give a reasonable estimate of the time scale and the outcome. We consider this to be the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT

FMM processes usually are effective when many other methods of treatment have failed - but remember that FMM is not a formula. FMM therapists do not employ routines which are applied to each patient as a matter of course, which is the case with a great deal of physical therapy treatment. Each patient will be examined until the practitioner has achieved a rational view of what is wrong and this will usually lead to understanding why there is a problem. This is often overlooked because the practitioner is too keen to be seen to be doing something .

We have discovered that the time spent on a rational and logical search for answers as to what is wrong and why it is so, leads to a much better prospect of a genuine solution as well as empowering the patient to change that which is causing the problem! Many patients we receive are told that there is no explanation for their problems - the common excuse is AGE !!

We strongly believe it is our responsibility to FIND the answer.