Christchurch Injury Diagnostics

Christchurch Injury Diagnostics has been helping people become pain-free for over 8 years. Whether you have a sports related injury, posture or repetitive strain issues or maybe you have been involved in an accident - Injury Diagnostics can help you.

Here at Christchurch Injury Diagnostics we don't just treat the area of pain, we find the reason behind it. We believe that if we don't do this, the pain will return at some point. Our goal is to enable you to live your life without pain.

So whether it's sport massage or relaxing massage therapy. Finding out the cause of an injury or getting you up and running again, Christchurch Injury Diagnostics can help you.

Same day or next day appointments available. Evening and weekends.

Home or office visits included in price if within 5 miles from Christchurch. Locations further away can be arranged.